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LIVES - Mécanismes de vulnérabilité aux niveaux des méso-structures sociales et des politiques publiques - Meso-level and policy mechanisms of vulnerability (meso-level) (IP1) (7359)

En cours (Direction)
Début / Fin
01.01.2019 - 31.12.2022
Domaine(s) d'expertise
Assurances sociales
Politiques sociales, action publique, état social
Sociologie, anthropologie
Sources de financement
Fonds national suisse de la recherche scientifique (FNS) - PRN LIVES
Vandecasteele Leen (Université de Lausanne)
Bonvin Jean-Michel (Université de Genève)
Bühlmann Félix (Université de Lausanne)
Spini Dario (Université de Lausanne)
Staerklé Christian (Université de Lausanne)
Widmer Eric (Université de Genève)
Probst Isabelle (Haute Ecole de Santé Vaud (HESAV) (HES-SO))
Tabin Jean-Pierre (Haute école de travail social et de la santé | EESP | Lausanne)


In the LIVES framework, coping with vulnerability consists of a dynamic between resources and stressors (Spini et al., 2017), whereby individual agency is situated within social structure (Settersten & Gannon, 2005). The “agency within structure” paradigm seeks to study how individual strategies to attain biographical outcomes are fostered, constrained or otherwise interact with the social context. While most studies define the social structure by fundamental sociological dimensions such as social class, ethnicity, age or the welfare state, individuals also interact on a daily basis in various formal or informal social groups, networks or communities that belong to the meso level. IP1 will contribute to the “agency within structure” debate by theorizing vulnerability and agency within policy and meso-level contexts that are grasped as frames for understanding how the life course is organized (Settersten & Gannon, 2005: 50; Leisering, 2003). At the meso level (Levy, 2002; Levy & Bühlmann, 2016), we aim to understand mechanisms related to vulnerabilisation (notably social capital, social norms and community processes) and to how individuals with less resources act within formal and informal meso-level groups in order to gain agency and coping resources.

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