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Creating a continuing professional development course on setting occupation-focused goals

Quality insurance processes use goal attainment as criteria for funding occupational therapist (OT) services in Switzerland. As this is an important issue for the Swiss OT association, a continuing professional development (CPD) programme was implemented to assist OTs to set occupation-focused and person-centred goals. This qualitative study was conducted using three focus groups to understand the difficulties met by clinicians in the context of setting goals. Sixteen OTs reported that time constraints and routines make it difficult to define and formulate goals well. The problem is not a lack of knowledge, but to change one’s habits and practices the results. A CPD course was developed, adapted in three languages and implemented. Evaluation of the course indicates that it helps the participants to better understand the need for writing goals that are person-centred and occupationfocused. This course may be supportive of improved occupational-based goal setting in other countries.

Margot Cattin Isabel
Page Julie
Rossini-Drecq Emmanuelle
Agustoni Stefania
Galli-Hudec Claudia
Roos Kim
Meyer Sylvie

Margot-Cattin, I., Page, J., Petrig, A., Rossini, E., Agustoni, S., Galli-Hudec, C., Roos K., & Meyer, S. (2018). Creating a continuing professional development course on setting occupation-focused goals. World Federation of Occupational Therapists Bulletin, mis en ligne 4 mars. doi: 10.1080/14473828.2018.1434469

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