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Evaluating adult's competency : application of the competency assessment process

Competency assessment of adults with cognitive impairment or mental illness is a complex process that can have significant consequences for their rights. Some models put forth in the scientific literature have been proposed to guide health and social service professionals with this assessment process, but none of these appear to be complete. A new model, the Competency Assessment Process (CAP), was presented and validated in other studies. This paper adds to this corpus by presenting both the CAP model and the results of a survey given to health and social service professionals on its practical application in their clinical practice. The survey was administered to 35 participants trained in assessing competency following the CAP model. The results show that 40% of participants use the CAP to guide their assessment and the majority of those who do not yet use it plan to do so in the future. A large majority of participants consider this to be a relevant model and believe that all interdisciplinary teams should use it. These results support the relevance of the CAP model. Further research is planned to continue the study of the application of CAP in healthcare facilities.

Giroud Dominique
Landry Marie-Pier
Tétreault Sylvie

Giroud, D., Tétreault, S., & Landry, M.-P. (2015). Evaluating adult's competency : application of the competency assessment process. International Journal of Alzheimer's Disease, mis en ligne 15 juillet.

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